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I have worked with Universal Language Solutions for over seven months now and couldn’t recommend them enough. They are efficient, professional and understanding when there is a deadline involved! They are the departments go to for any translation requests and I look forward to working with them much more in the future.

Laura Price

International PR & Marketing

Americana International Ltd - Bench.

Translation Services (United Kingdom)

One of the most recognized and trusted translation services provider in the United Kingdom, Universal Language Solutions is well a respected name in the field of translation services. Our high quality translations and exceptional customer care keeps us ahead of our competitors.

Translation Services UK

We provide the following wide range of translation services for over 200+ major languages of the world:

Administrative translation

Administrative translation refers to the translation of administrative or management documents which can be created by a government, a not-for-profit organization or by a business organization. Management operates through five basic functions which are planning, organizing, coordinating, commanding and controlling. Management skills include political, conceptual, interpersonal, diagnostic, leadership and technical expertise in a particular functional area. Examples of such administrative documents are documents created for the purpose of execution of public affairs. We provide high quality administrative translation services by our expert team of administrative translators. They very well understand the terminology used in administrative documents, and have a strong knowledge of the source language and are native speaking target language experts.

Business translation

Business translation

Many businesses want to expand globally in various international markets. To make successful global footprints, you will definitely need a very good translation company that provides superior quality business translation services. Our premium business translation services are available for all types of large, medium and small scale business enterprises. Business translators need to expert in a variety of fields such as legal, marketing, finance, accounting, human resources and technical fields as well. At Universal Language Solutions we translate business translations with extra care and caution, as even a small mistake here or there could result in huge losses. Our expert team of target language native proofreaders review each and every translation with great care and caution. They ensure that the final localized version of the translation is perfect and suitable for all official purposes.

Certified Translation Services

At Universal Language Solutions, we provide fully certified translations for all official uses in the UK or abroad. If required your translated document can be notarized by a notary public as well. Common documents that require certified translations are birth certificates, medical certificates, marriage certificates, academic certificates, diplomas & transcripts, training certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, certificates of incorporation and other similar documents.

Clinical Trials Translation Services

Clinical Trials Translation Services

Big investments are involved in clinical trials or in developing a new drug, from which the cost of translating clinical trials is only a small part. But even a small mistake while translating a clinical trial can lead to dire consequences. We provide expert clinical trial translation services to and from all major languages of the world. Our highly experienced teams of clinical trial translator are industry experts who have a strong knowledge of the terminology involved and translate only into their native language. We translate all types of documents related to clinical trials. Some of the common clinical trial documents we translate are Patient Questionnaires, Drug Inserts, Patient Diaries, including eDiaries, Clinical Study Protocols and Case Report Forms, Drug Study Labels, Packaging and Labeling, Summaries of Product Characteristics, Summaries of Product Characteristics, Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO), including ePRO, Clinical Protocols and Regulatory Documents.

We provide expert translation services for below industries and purposes as well:

Commercial translation

Computer translation

Computer translation

Creative translation

Digital translation

Document translation

Economic translation

Financial translation

General translation

Gist translation

Immigration Translation

IT Translation Services

Legal translations

Government translation

Literal translation

Literary translation

Localized translation

Manufacturing translation

Marketing and PR Translation Services

Medical translation

Medical translation

Military and Defense Sectors Translation Services

Official Translation

Patent Translation Services

Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Quick Translation

Technical translation

Tender Translation Services

User Manual and Employee Manual Translation

Website translation

Main Languages in United Kingdom

English is the official language of United Kingdom, which is spoken by about 98% of the population. Scots which is a Germanic language, is spoken by about 2.6% of the total population of United Kingdom. It is mostly used in the areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Welsh which is a Celtic language, is spoken by 1% of the total population, and is used in the regions of Wales and some Welsh communities in English cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. Other important minority languages are Ulster Scots, Cornish, Scottish Gaelic and Irish. The main foreign languages which are spoken in United Kingdom are French, German, Polish, Turkish, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Arabic, Portuguese, Tamil, Chinese, Italian, Somali, Lithuanian, Persian, Romanian and Spanish.

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