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Robert Czik

Managing Director

Finders Int. Ltd

Technical Translation

Translating technical documents is a critical and specialist area of the translation industry and requires specific skills and knowledge.

In this sector we typically translate:

  • Instruction booklets
  • User handbooks and guides
  • Technical specifications
  • Contracts
  • Marketing material.

Manufacturing is a global enterprise with goods produced in factories throughout the world. High quality translations will not only support high production standards and efficient and consistent working practices by providing accurate and up to date terminology and clear instructions, they may also contribute towards ensuring the safety of employees. With so much at stake, customers need technical translators they can trust.

We aim to offer peace of mind to clients by ensuring our translation work carries the following features:

  • Native speakers - all our translations are 100% accurate and undertaken by native speakers of the relevant language. Our texts are proofread by another native speaker within the same discipline to ensure that any discrepancies are picked up and corrected;
  • Accuracy – mistakes in global production can be costly so it is vital that translations are clear, accurate and precise especially in instruction documents.
  • Understanding terminology - we only use highly trained, professional translators with a background in industry and manufacturing who understand technical vocabulary and jargon;
  • Up to date – as technology evolves, so does technical language so we ensure all our technical translators keep pace with innovation and possess an up-to-date glossary of technical terms specific to their industry.

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