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Robert Czik

Managing Director

Finders Int. Ltd

Multilingual Social Media

It’s estimated that only one third of internet users speak English and this trend is being reflected on social media too.

Adopting multiple languages on social media channels is a considerable commitment but in doing so, by operating different language accounts to engage with different markets around the world, you will steal a march on your competitors.

Successful use of social media requires regular and consistent posting to ensure you engage appropriately with your audiences and communicating in more than one language heightens your online commitment. Therefore, it is critical that you have the support of a leading provider like Universal Language Solutions to provide translation services for this exciting development.

Features that set us apart:

  • Speed is vital if your content is to remain fresh, so we work quickly as well as accurately;
  • Humans to translate your content to ensure consistency;
  • As with all multilingual communications, we create or translate content that recognises cultural differences and meanings;
  • We help you make your content relevant to the particular country you’re targeting;
  • We help you engage users by asking questions and developing conversations.