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Robert Czik

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Finders Int. Ltd

Chinese Translation

Chinese is an increasingly important language globally, spoken by more people as a native language than any other, the second most-used language on the internet and used to significant levels in international business.

At Universal Language Solutions we have a large team of Chinese translation specialists offering a range of high quality services. We pride ourselves on leading the field in this competitive market by ensuring only qualified and experienced translators provide a bespoke service to every client.

We translate more than 1 million words into and from Chinese every year in documents including:

  • Tenders
  • Handbooks
  • Contracts
  • Technical specifications
  • Business correspondence
  • Website content
  • Personal documents (academic certificates, professional qualifications etc.)

Our translators and proofreaders combine outstanding language skills with industry-specific expertise, allowing us to fulfill requests for legal, medical, technical and scientific translation projects as well as many other specialist fields. Work is assigned to the best-qualified translator to ensure consistently high quality results. We have specialists who can translate in the different Chinese dialects and produce translations in the two written systems, Simplified and Traditional, using different character sets. Our translators are qualified to translate for target communities within Chinese speaking populations.

Across all our services, we offer clients flexibility to supply work in the format and by the method that is convenient to them, and we can similarly return completed work to their preference. We can also supply final documents as certified translations.

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