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We have used ULS for a quick, easy and cost-effective translation service. International requests from our customers for detailed info on our brands are no longer an issue using the ULS translators. Highly recommended!

John Paterson

General Manager


Arabic Translation

The increased profile of the Middle East onto the world stage, in business, politics and tourism, has propelled Arabic into the list of languages in high demand.

High quality translation into or from Arabic can, therefore, be a significant advantage in communicating with organisations in the vast part of the Middle East where the language is spoken.

At Universal Language Solutions we have over 200 experienced Arabic language specialists on our team who offer:

  • A complete Arabic translation service either from Arabic into any of a wide range of other languages, or into written Arabic, again from numerous other languages. This service is particularly useful for those who do not speak any Arabic and need help creating an official document for their business;
  • A proofreading service in which our translators check documents submitted through our website and correct any mistakes to spelling, grammar and wording.

We also provide word-perfect Certified Translations for official use both in the UK and abroad.

We can work with documents in any format and ensure a fast turnaround at the best rates.

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